Clearseal Windows Merseyside

The windows we supply are made in either Germany or in Great Britain.  They are made from the best quality materials and are designed to look good and perform brilliantly. They’ve all been engineered for durability, strength and style.

The familiar outwards-opening style of the casement window has been brought right up to date with the range of PVCu frames we supply. Your customers no longer have to suffer draughts, condensation and cold spots. That can all be prevented because our frames have been built to withstand the weather and to insulate their homes. Your customers will no longer have to paint frames or have to put up with sticking windows.  That can all be prevented because our frames have been built to need almost no maintenance and they won't warp. Your customers can say goodbye to ugly old frames and say hello to windows designed to truly complement their home.

We supply the patent pending PremiFold window and door system that brings together unique hardware and the manufacturer's proven C70 and O70 Gold® window and doors systems. The result is a PAS 24 certified sliding swing and folding door and separate window solution for the modern home.

Innovation and Energy Efficiency

PremiFold is the latest in a long line of product innovations from Kömmerling. It’s quite simply a revelation in the way in which windows and doors can be opened, helping to maximise ventilation, without compromising on security. It’s a sliding, swing and folding system that as easy to install as it is to operate.

Kömmerling and parent company, Profine Group, also lead the way across Europe with their lead-free Greenline compound that was developed over a decade ago. In the UK some systems companies still use lead as a stabiliser in their PVCu compound. At Profine, they understand the importance of the environment in terms of harmful materials, recycling and energy efficiency.

  • PremiFold harnesses existing C70 and O70 Gold® profiles.
  • There are no visible hinges or hardware.
  • They come in double and triple glazed units up to a maximum height of 3 metres.
  • There is no limit to the number of panels as they all operate individually.
  • The single leg glazing bead is highly secure and easy to install on site.
  • Steel reinforcement is used where needed, to add additional structural strength.



With almost any size and shape, and almost any combination of fixed and opening panes, your customers will find a window just right for them. We offer a full range of accessories, a choice of frame shapes and a great selection of handles and locks. If your customer is looking for sleek and simple, we can do it. If your customer wants traditional elegance, we can do it. For period homes, we’ve can provide Georgian bars, arched heads and a range of sill sizes to suit every type of property.

Casement Windows


We provide foiled finishes, permanently bonded to the frames, that won’t fade, peel or crack and that come in a range of colours from stylish contemporary greys to brilliant primaries. We also provide wood-grained appearance finishes that replicates the beauty of traditional timber. We also supply foiled finishes in white or cream that give a painted wood look.



Every frame we supply been designed with your customers' home security in mind. From the robust reinforcement of the frame, to the secure internal glazing; from easy to operate multi-point locking to night-vents and egress hinges, all features are engineered to protect and to function through years and years of use.



Do you dread the energy bill? We can’t make it go away but with energy-efficient OutLook frames we can make it less frightening. All our frames are built using multi-chambered profiles which insulate and protect you home from heat loss. Weatherproof seals keep draughts at bay and top-quality glazing combine to give you a much warmer and cheaper-to-run home.

These days, windows carry energy ratings, similar to those found on domestic appliances.  The higher the rating, the better the windows will perform, and the more money you will save.  Picking the right type of energy-efficient window for your home is not simple. It depends on your home’s construction, its location and other insulating measures, but talk to us about it. We’ll be happy to advise if double or triple-glazing is the best option and help you to make the smartest choice.

The environment

At the end of a long life, PVCu products can easily be recycled. A lot of frames being manufactured already use recycled materials without compromising on appearance or performance.  When considering the environmental impact of replacement windows remember there’s no painting or wood preservative needed. Also, because PVCu is a good insulator, they reduce energy consumption and therefore can cause carbon emissions to be reduced.